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There stands a vacant red chair in our place.
Its owner was the charismatic and larger-than-life
Flamenco singer/guitarist
Cesar Alvarez.

Cesar was given the gift
of the Flamenco song.
His knowledge was great,
his talent incredible,
his time very short.

Your powerful voice
still echoes in the halls
of our minds and will
live forever in our hearts.

Beloved Cesar!
You are sadly missed.
And never will you be

born in Leon, Spain
April 28, 1948 - June 4, 2003

From the very beginning of the company’s conception, La Comadre joined artistic forces with Flamenco purist and traditionalist Cesar Alvarez. Sadly to say Mr. Alvarez who was both singer and guitarist for the Company, passed away on June 4, 2003 from lymphoma cancer. Her commitment to him enabled her to present profound works that were innovative and yet traditional in nature. In 1995-96, Pablo Dominguez became the second flamenco voice for the Company. His commanding knowledge of Spain's culture has made him a powerful interpreter while reciting mesmerizing works of the great poets of Spain. Since the passing of Mr. Alvarez, Pablo has assumed the position of first singer for ¡ARTE FLAMENCO! The Company has an intimate core of dancers taught and trained in the style of ¡ARTE FLAMENCO! At present the company consists of four dancers, singer and guitarist.

April 28, 19XX - December 27, 2019

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