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Since its existence in 1992, ¡Arte Flamenco! Dance School has been dedicated to the art of traditional Flamenco Dance. The teacher for the school is artistic director Elena La Comadre. Her continuing goal is to develop her dancers and students in preparation for performing initiatives. Committed to both company and school, La Comadre strives to produce works with honesty, integrity and elegance.

Since 2008 the school has been producing several major concerts throughout the year. The last dance series entitled Viva la Danza (I-V) had tremendous success with sold-out performances. Our current dance series is entitled Flamenco Ole.

¡Arte Flamenco! is a local school that serves an intimate core of dancers and students. Courses run throughout the year with class levels from beginner to more advanced. Due to the limited studio space, the classes tend to be smaller in size thus allowing for more personal attention from teacher to student.

Click here for the school class schedule.


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