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During the 1970's the world of Flamenco was a very intimate one here in Toronto. Those of us that began our studies at that time were fortunate to have witnessed amazing Flamenco artists who would perform at tablaos like the Don Quitjote and El Flamenco and Flamenco coffee houses such as El Embrujo and Joso's.

Famous artists such as La Tati, Manolete, Felix, La Repompa de Malaga, 
Gracita, La Farrucita would grace us with their majesty. Local dancers such as myself were fortunate to have had the opportunity to study and be a part of this inspiring movement.


I was born in Toronto of Mediterranean descent. I began my studies at the age of 16 years of age. The first Dance troupe I started with was Maria Morca - who has left a lasting imprint on my style. I was also principal dancer for the Paula Moreno Spanish Dance Co. in the late 80's to early 90's before I started my company. I am forever grateful to Ms. Moreno who has played a major role in my growth in traditional Flamenco.


As director, my artistic goal is to present traditional Flamenco/Spanish works that depict the elegance and richness of Spain. In addition to presenting traditional works, I am passionate about creating works that embrace the idea of Flamenco dance Theatre. Themes that I have chosen have been profound in nature and rooted in human experience from Alma Encerrada - Encaged Soul  which  was based on a personal story of an abused woman to Las Desamparadas estan 
Llorando – The Helpless are Crying which portrayed women of a mining town and their despair after a collapse in the mines.


I am also passionate about teaching. My company and its school counterpart are small. There is a sense of family or belonging here for 
every dancer and dance student. For me it is an honor and privilege to 
foster their development in traditional Flamenco. 

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